Moon Knight Labs proudly introduces FaraStarter — A launchpad created by gamers for gamers to support all #Blockchain Game Projects.
🥰🥰This is to fulfill our aim to create a comprehensive ecosystem and mass adoption for Blockchain games.
👉👉FaraStarter is part of our ecosystem and uses the platform’s native FARA as a utility token.
FaraStarter provides a secure platform for investors, allowing them to have early notice of the budding projects and access to vetted token sales at an early stage. The investors can hold FARA token to join the FaraStarter platform and participate in the token sale rounds.
Let’s check out some of FaraStarter’s promising features:
Carefully-selected and vetted projects
The projects to be launched on FaraStarter are those that either are incubated or partnered with Moon Knight Labs. The first and foremost criterion is that the chosen project has a breakthrough in technology and is of value to the community. In addition, the following criteria will also be considered.
  • Technology
  • Graphic and art elements
  • Strategic vision
  • Founding team
This is to ensure the sustainability of the projects so as to build investor’s confidence.
Multi-chain Support
FaraStarter supports BSC pools and will soon extend to other networks after earnest testing.
Tier Determination and Exclusive Benefits
Users will either do FARA single staking (FARA) or LP (FARA-BNB) staking to earn FARA STARTER POWER (FSP).
FaraStarter will have 4 tiers and FSP will be used to determine the user’s tier. The benefits as well as requirements are as below:
Organized process and 24/7 Support by Admins
FaraStarter offers professional and clear procedures so that users can follow. Moreover, we always have our support team online to assist users.
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